(1) Name:
(2) Phone:
(3) Email:
(4) Year in school:
(5) Are you an honor's student? No Yes, Fulbright College Yes, Departmental
(6) During which semester(s) would you like to participate?
     (Please indicate as many academic and/or summer sessions as you would like.)
(7) Do you have access to transportation for off-campus data collection? Yes No
     Do you speak Spanish? Yes No
(8) Do you have any experience with the following?
     SPSS Yes No
     MediaLab Yes No
     Website construction Yes No
     Other software
(9) Have you had any previous research experience?
     (Please note: previous experience is not necessary.)
Yes No
     If yes, what were your duties?
     Who was your faculty advisor?
(10) What is your overall GPA?
(11) What is your Psychology GPA?
(12) Do you plan to apply to graduate school or professional school? Yes No
     If yes, in what topic area?
(13) Are you available to work evening hours (5:00-9:00pm)? Yes No
(14) Are you available to work some Saturdays? Yes No
(15) Are you able to work in our lab for more than one semester? Yes No
(16) Why are you interested in joining the DREAM team?